Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Adjusting to Summertime!

Well hello, summer! Why are you so cold? Summer came in with a 100 degree heat wave and then here it is 57 degrees as I write this. I’ve been enjoying helping mom “catch up” in her garden after she was away for 2 weeks in Texas and trying to catch my body up to the cool mornings. I love, love, love the weather! Why does my body think this is so cold!?


It’s a jungle out there! Mom’s personal Garden of Eden.

Then went and helped out on the farm to get things “caught up” in the overgrown hedgerow around those lovely organic filbert trees! Daisies are not on our approved plant list. Definitely not. They were staging an aggressive takeover and too many of the truckload of flowers mom and dad had planted had been choked out. A literal truckload- gone! And there were countless wildflower seeds spread over the last couple years. Little brother has done so much work mowing the field and with the rain we got last week, everything has greened up really well since this photo was taken. And you can see the little baby trees on the hill in the background. Iloveitsomuch!


Move over daisies- There are other guys in there that need to breathe!

Last week, the Organic Hazelnut Growers Association allowed me to join them on their California Tour. We visited one beautiful organic walnut orchard, one equipment manufacturer, one nut processor, and an organic almond cooperative. Oh, and two breweries! It was a ton of information and I could feel my social work skills kicking into action. I could feel that itch to do some research for them starting to want to be scratched! I made a vague offer, yet they have no funding so…


Camping on the way to California! Obviously this is in Oregon prior to hitting the 105deg heat!

Speaking of no funding, my job search has not provided any leads above manual labor. The little pool of funding for this Fellowship continues to grow- one drip at a time and I am confident it will all be taken care of- perhaps not abundantly, but anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t know what to do with abundance! My dilemma now is how far should I drive to find a place to volunteer?

Volunteering my time to re-invest in old friendships, watch my nephews grow faster than the weeds in the garden, start a bible study group, help awesome people “catch up” as needed, and go hiking with anyone with a destination! I am looking forward to assisting the Organic Hazelnut Growers in their collaboration to find solutions for their needs. What kind of a job title might a Social Worker for Organic Farming have? Oh, and studying. Of course! I’ve read the entire Exam Guide for the LMSW yet the June date passed my by because of some missing paperwork. Oops! Counting down until July 21st for the next one.


Birthday spent at the lake with little brother’s family and the folks at Lake Eleanor. Loveit!

Well, the sun is coming out. I am working on acclimating to the Oregon climate and it looks almost warm enough for me to be outside without a jacket now. Come on, wool socks, let’s get out there!


Happy 4th of July, y’all!


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3 thoughts on “Adjusting to Summertime!

  1. love, love, love it! You are amazing, girl! God sees it all, sees YOU, and your passions and skills, and for sure will craft the right places for work and volunteering.

  2. Hey Sarah, long time since your last post. Any luck on finding work yet?

    • Hey Jeremy!!! Happy belated birthday :) Found a job! I suppose it’s time for a long overdue update, eh? Thank you for thinking to ask! I’ll start writing now- you may see a post before next year haha!

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