Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Second Date!


The wildflowers are there celebrating the death and burial of my sentence as a graduate student!

Made it to the second round of interviews! I can barely believe it!! Two field offices have the opportunity to check my references and contact me within the next two weeks. Aieeeee!!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! This is so fantastic!!! I have been so excited for graduation, and mom and dad coming to Texas, and driving back to Oregon, now extra exciting possibilities for the next step. How do I focus this into completing this presentation I have to give on May 2?!?!?

Went camping in the Florida panhandle this last week. It was phenomenal! So gorgeous and with such great company and good food and camping that was not at all what I was expecting fro Florida. Well, there was sand, but that was about it…


I submitted my homework from this campsite- it felt like cheating! The librarian from where I skipped into class told me she did her graduate work from Costa Rica. How fantastic is that! Wait, could I have been doing internship from a campsite all along?!?!

So, here is what I got to follow across the panhandle. Made me wishful for my lil Jeep and backpack and a trail to hike. Graduation present to myself will be a new backpacking setup, methinks. I guess I can handle not having the boat/kayak/mountain bike attachments….

It was so great! Got me so very excited for when we will be celebrating mom’s May 1st retirement and my graduation with a week of camping!

Thank you all for the support and love and prayers. Hope to see you at the welcome home party May 27th!



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2 thoughts on “Second Date!

  1. Thanks again for a great blog update! Keep up the stellar work and may each miracle that evolves celebrate you! :) (and a heart, but I don’t know how to make one from here so it’s a cyber wish!) :) Bonnie Congrats to your mom, too! Have a great graduation, last minute papers, celebrating with your family, a job of your dreams, and safe fun return to Oregon. You are MISSED! … more hearts and :) ‘s!

  2. jeanmca on said:

    prayed for discernment on both sides–right job for you? Right person for them? God knows! IMHO, you would be a great asset wherever! But a good fit is super important!


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