Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

The Last First Day.

No, for real this time, guys. This is seriously the last first day of this Master program. So you know what that means? That means starting to countdown until the last day!

Oh, Oregon, let me count the days until I return to thee!

This is week 14 of 15 weeks of internship.

92 until the last day of internship

111 until the last official day of class

112 until MSW Colloquium (research presentations to the community)

122 until the graduation commencement ceremony

All that and Monday is already a holiday, Wahoo!

Oregon was absolutely phenomenal! I love winter and the snow did not disappoint! Cross Country Skiing was the beautiful fantasy land of Hoodoo and apparently the snow came home with us. I didn’t mind. I don’t know that there was anything else I did that was photo worthy, yet there were so many great [re]connections with people I have missed dearly and already miss desperately. Oregonians are just fine folks! I flew back from OR to ACT and jumped into a 12 hour day of internship already last week. Now classes are starting and I am already behind. Hard to believe, but it is true.


Please send me your good thoughts, warm wishes, encouragements, hugs and prayers. I cherish all of you and can not wait to come home and celebrate with you in June! May 12th and 13th Graduation ceremonies if you want to come. Baylor University. Mark your calendars!

Written motivators can be sent to 3201 Kendall Ln, Waco, TX 76705. You know, they are my favorite (no, I don’t mean the monetary ones, mom!)

Oh, on one last note, one of my favorite gals at the Cove was just interviewed and written up in the local paper. Read it and if you’re considering a tax-deductible donation before the end of the fiscal year, here’s your opportunity, eh? (Check out the Needs List here:

The Cove Creates Early Success in Battle Against Waco Student Homelessness

Love and hugs, until I get to come home and see this again:img_2272



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