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And the miracle of today



Mother Neff State Park

What to share in the minutes before class?


I miss you all! It’s been raining the last few days and I LOVE the thunderstorms. This semester does not seem quite as ferocious as last semester- so much so that I’m coming home for the weekend of birthday shenanigans!!! 

Half and half party, we’re calling it. I can’t wait! Half mama’a age, half as awesome as she is, halfway finished with my MSW, half full-a knowledge!! There’s an 80:20 rule about 80 percent of the income is held by 20 percent of the population or something, right? Or 80% of the results come from 20% of the inputs. If that’s truly the case, then I can let up on 80% of the work I’m doing and spent twice as much time writing silly blog posts for y’all, right? :]

So, internship is going really well. A new Executive Director has been hired and she is outstanding! With 23 years of experience in childhood education and with HUD as Homeless Administrator for the past 6 years- she has essentially eradicated chronic homelessness (meaning there are no people literally living under the bridges- there are beds for every person in Waco every night). She retired [again] to take the job with the Cove. Now all we need is a Case Manager! We are planning for the first students to join us October 3rd. Exactly one week from this afternoon. They’ll be walking in our front door. 4:30pm next Monday. Interiorly I may be a tiny bit terrified that we are not ready. But mostly just super excited to meet all these kids!

14359082_710516972433341_8046232223384650464_nI have group supervision with the 3 interns that work with Homeless Outreach on the high school campuses, so I have heard bits and pieces of stories of these kids. Lots of crummy parents out there. Lots of broken families. Lots of strong kids.

My research project for the next year is going to focus on home for these youth. How do they find a place to stay when they don’t have stability? What do they look for when looking for tonight’s housing when there is no mom to tuck them in after dinner. What are their stories and how can we help? Right now the city of Waco is not interested in opening another shelter, so at 8pm, these kiddos must leave the Cove and we can help them find accommodation, but we cannot let them stay. The hope is that we can set up a host home program like Safe Families for Children…. But that is the hope, not the reality.

So. Since last time, I went on a hike. With signs like these out, you know Lots of beauties and beasties. More beasties, but that made it more fun!

First the beauties:

The end of the wildflower season is mediocre at best. Still lovely to get out into the woods a bit.


Two beastly looking beauties?

You know about Sasquatch? Well there’s a neatly hairy creature that lives in the Mother Neff State Park. That wasn’t the reason I went, but when I got there, the ranger warned me and I kept my eyeballs peeled as I walked. I don’t know how to upload videos and I have one that shows the creature. In full order, not just one of those shadowy clips that could be anything- you can really see it! If only I knew how to work these technology things….

And some beasties:

You can see his hairy belly there, you just can’t see him moving! Eek!

I tried to take a selfie with him, but he tickled my ear, so I ran away. Literally ran!


If this was a video….

Ok, class time is here and I’m not in class. See you guys in a week!

Oh, I also went to the Baylor football game… Which was delayed an hour and a half for lightning. So I watched the LSU game on the big tv at the stadium over an empty field [before leaving to watch the Baylor game on a little tv].


Love hugs and wish me luck on my IRB Research Proposal, Mid Term Evaluation, and Neighborhood Map Assessment due before I go.

So, in applying the 60:30, Half and Half Rule, I am working like a crazy person to get ahead on all this silly schoolwork so I can come home and drink half and half all weekend. I can envision the Lackner-style feast already. Yum!




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  1. I SO love reading these blogs! Thanks, Sarah!!!

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