Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

The Journey Begins

September 2015

Hellooooooooo kids back home!


This is the view from my back porch is about this great every morning. Gotta love Texas! Fortunately for you photos are the best way to share the awesome without sharing the humidity :)

4 weeks into the year, they tell me. It feels like I’ve done a year’s worth of homework and stressing over an internship and praying and sweating. Definitely done enough sweating. Physically and mentally but my internship is [finally] in place! Waco is an interesting place. From the humidity to air conditioning that could send you into hypothermic shock to the number of churches per capita to the football cheer (Sic ‘Em Bears!) to what they call good food (there must be a law that it must be wrapped in a tortilla, fried chicken, grilled beef or a combination of all of them to be called edible) to the fashion sense- or lack thereof- of these college kids.

Perhaps I’m just the cynical old lady on campus. Perhaps ;)

My internship back and forth has been terribly frustrating so far. Making me a bit nervous about next year. I’ve finally been placed in West, Texas. No, they didn’t give me the entire western part of the state, just the little town with the best kolaches in Texas? (That’s what they tell me, I’ll let you know when I try one..) You may remember hearing about West when they had the explosion at their fertilizer plant two years ago. Right now they are working on reconstruction and working out of portable buildings. I’ll be working for an agency called Communities In Schools and am learning what that means, but it seems like a pretty great program. Texas is known as the dropout factory- Iowa is the only state with higher dropout rates. I will be working with middle schoolers and high schoolers to make sure they have all the supportive relationships they need to stay in school, graduate and succeed in life. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next month.

Ok, so in a month, I’ve realized there are not enough hours in one day to read what feels like thousands of pages for each class, do the assignments, get 16 hours of interning in each week, cook delicious and nutritious meals, hang out with new, awesome friends, work out, sleep 8.5 hours, completing all my assignments, pet horses, go to church, discover awesome Texas nature, studying, working on the farm, working for the school, and studying!

The highlights

Home- the farm, the roommates, the location

Judah the goofy Doberman

The amazing people in my cohort at the School of Social work

Being challenged to grow in my self awareness- of the good and the not so good

Skyping with my family every weekend :)

Horses in the backyard whenever I need some equine therapy

The Catholic Student Center and all the outstanding people there

World Hunger Relief Inc and getting to work on their farm for some weekly dirt therapy

Care package full of tea and chocolate!

Texas shaped tortilla chips- the shape makes them so tasty?

Gas being under $2/gallon

Having doors opened and hearing y’all everywhere

The heat, of course. I so love the heat- Don’t leave the groceries in the car too long when it’s triple digits!Picture6

Birthdays! September has been a birthday bonanza! Don’t forget mine’s coming up soon, too ;)

Being on a college campus where there is so much activity and opportunity and interesting people and thought provoking situations and people to hear and opportunities to get involved. I truly love the university environment! Please disregard anything you may have read in the news about Baylor in the news unless it’s about football! Did you know Baylor is the only University where students are allowed out onto the field? It’s illegal everywhere else! They have this thing where the Freshman line go out and the team runs through them and it’s just crazy to see. So much sun! So hot! So much fun! One of the great things about being a student here- free tickets! And 70% of the stadium is student seating! We play Rice next weekend- I can’t wait!


Labor Day weekend I went to Homestead Heritage’s Sorghum Pressing festival. The once a year harvest and processing of all their sorghum. It’s run through an antique press they use mules to turn. The sap runs into reservoirs over heat that are cooked down into sorghum-my sweetness that makes the tastiest Sorghum-Pecan Ice Cream you’ll ever try! But you’ll have to come to Waco to find out for sure and it may just be worth the trip! They have all sorts of old timey crafts- it’s a community where they do everything the old fashioned way, so there’s a pottery barn, a wood fired oven, a yarn shop, a waterwheel mill, a blacksmith shop, a woodworking shop (where you can take home a hand crafted chair for only $5000!) and of course a restaurant. For the event, they also had live music and a dinner. It made me think of the Jordan Chicken Dinner that’s about to happen back home. Fortunately, they just have a meal to serve instead of all these different demos!

Here’s some photos. Of course, the mules were my favorite so I only have about a million other photos if you’d like to see more!



I’m sure that vegetable oil she’s using there was pressed on the farm too ;)

Gotta get back to studying. Can’t believe how much time I’ve invested in writing this- I could’ve been sleeping or something! Just kidding! Thanks in advance for all your emails and letters and responses. They keep me going. I really don’t know how I would get through this without your support. Thank you a million times over!

Picture19First home game!

Sic ‘Em Bears!


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