Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Community. Policy. Research.

January 2016


That is my life for the next semester. One week down and fifteen to go. Three required courses- Professional Practice with Communities and Organizations, Social Policy for Social Work Practice, and Research for Social Work Practice. Oh yeah, and I’ve got another 240 hours of internship to complete. And I’m taking an Independent Study on Applied Positive Youth Development. And working at least 10 hours per week. And might take an elective later this semester. Disaster and Crisis Intervention- because at that point in the semester, I may need an intervention :)

Thank you to everyone for the Christmas cards! I still have them up in my room and it’s nearly the closest thing to snow I’ve seen all winter. No, wait, there was one morning where everything was frosty white. I hear there’s snow in Oregon…. You can share!

I did get to have some fun over Christmas break (not that family time wasn’t fun). Spent a bunch of time outside and it was awesome even if it did just make me wishful that that snow I’m dreaming of was on some awesome trails that aren’t here. Just enough to drown out the perpetual sound of traffic, please! Ok, I did go on some “hikes” in Cameron Park which really is great for a city park. Except for that “city” part… So, the month in pictures follows. I planted a bit of a hedgerow, got to spend lots of time with the horses and dogs, hiked a bit more, got to spend some quality time with some awesome people, made some new friends, actually had time to cook, found where I want to spend my summer (finally), investigated some internship options for next year and actually had some leftover time and VOLUNTEERED!! You’re surprised, aren’t you?

BEFORE. What a dump!

AFTER. Funny the way you can never see just how hard the dirt is in photos.


Ready for the dog and pony show?

These dogs… There is so much play and silliness in this place, it’s wild!Picture41


Yes, he is in fact trying to play with the horses. It’s just a bigger dog. Right? For those of you that don’t know, that’s called a play bow and an invitation to join the fun and games. The dog’s doing the play bow, the horse is not.Picture43


Ok, the horses really just want to play, too.

Picture44I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think these monkeys returned the play bow, either…


Cameron Park Picture46

Central Park of Texas” At least they have turtles, although surely Central Park requires better seating arrangements


My life for the nest semester:


The books, not the toilet. Well… They may have to take a trip to Cameron Park with me. Not because I need a better place to sit and read. But in 15 weeks, if the disaster intervention fails, that is definitely where I will want to put them.

Hope y’all had a great holiday season! If you don’t hear from me before May, I am in Mexico.

Carlos is waiting!


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