Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Coming Home!

April 2016



In case the lack of notes and updates being sent to you wasn’t indicator enough, this semester has been a bit overwhelming. I was tempted to hop on one of the Tesla ships that they are testing 20 minutes away in McGregor, TX. No, I’ve been chasing squirrels through the wildflowers instead. It’s bluebonnet season ya’know. That means lunatics pulling over along the highway wherever they see a good batch of color to take photos and go lie out in them. I don’t know anyone who would ever do anything like that! As evidenced by the lack of photos included here, obviously. Here’s a link for you, mom: I wonder if the cameraman was standing in a ditch along the highway to get those longhorn photos?

So I’ve got 30 hours left at internship, three group presentations- one on the Death Penalty, one on the results of our study of the effects of Mindfulness Meditation, and one presentation on the organizational structure of a local agency (World Hunger Relief Inc.). We have one school wide event at the middle school for parents to learn about how to reduce their childrens’ vulnerability to human trafficking. One big paper to complete about what I’ve done at internship this year, two 6-10 page internship logs, one book report on The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and one over Last Child in the Woods, and one Research to Practice paper to submit discussing ways to help guide youth identity development through Motivational Interviewing. Good thing I have three weeks left to work on this stuff!

And all I can think about is the fact that I have a plane ticket home! I will be home for almost the whole month of May. Although the thought of staying in Texas all summer and suffocating in humidity was really tempting, I am so homesick for Oregon, I can’t even tell you about it! Anyone want to go camping?

But I will only be home for a few weeks before flying back east. Mexico isn’t happening. I have an all expense paid internship through the Shepherd Higher Education on Poverty Consortium to look forward to instead! I will be in Chester, PA working at the Boys and Girls Club in their Face Forward 2 program for youth coming out of the juvenile justice system and with their Summer Camp.

Can’t wait to see y’all!!!! Ok, I’ll be honest. I might be more excited about getting to eat with y’all :)

But seriously, let’s go camping, y’all.

The effects of Graduate education are severe and often irreversible.



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One thought on “Coming Home!

  1. Mimi Graves on said:

    Proud of what you are doing💕Come to Bend & we’ll have an adventure💕💕

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