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And the miracle of today

Loss of a friend in Burundi

Just received this from Kelly:


I am sorry to share some tragic news with you. I had conversation with Florentin in Burundi this afternoon.

Today Pastor Georges, husband of Necelatte, of the Women Rise Up Cooperative, was struck by a car while he was a passenger on a motorbike and was immediately killed.
His family, friends, the slum residents he served faithfully and the Women Rise Up Cooperative are all shaken.
African Road is taking a collection to help cover the funeral expenses and some bridge funding to help the family as they grieve and transition. And we are praying.
Lori and I will see Necelatte in Bujumbura in the next week and take the funds with us- and with the help of Flo, see that they are used in a way that helps the family stabilize as best as is possible. 
Their family was blessed once before and I shared the story here and they were tragically hit once earlier this year with flooding.  Their children are blessed to still have a mother who cares so much for them.  I hope and pray she will be able to manage her illness, family and the business in the days to come. I am thankful to have met Georges and for all the inspirational work he has done in Burundi.
Today is a day to be especially grateful. I love you (whichever you is reading this) more than I tell you, surely. Thank you for everything!

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2 thoughts on “Loss of a friend in Burundi

  1. Erin on said:

    Oh, I am so, so sorry to read this. We will keep ALL of them in our prayers.
    Love, Erin

  2. I’m sorry. Sending so much love…..

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