Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

World Cup starts next week!

As if I needed to remind any of you. The first game is the 12th of June and most the world is super excited! I know kids in Rwanda are excited! Especially Togetherness Cooperative’s soccer teams.

This article just came out: A Perfect Pitch

"It makes me healthy. I feel healthy. And then the camaraderie with the others, with the team. The discipline, getting together to do soccer. Then I feel very happy, and then I feel that I'm…" Turikunkiko tries to think of the best English word for her meaning, settling on a simple one: "…free."

In the article, Coach says: “The meaning of football is that, because of these youth having lost their families, their relatives, football helps them, helps to entertain them, helps to make them feel” — Turikunkiko pauses here — “at home.”

It’s an interesting perspective with several of our friends in Rwanda spotlighted in the story. And look at those adorable kids :)!

Hope everyone is excited that the first day of summer is also coming up. 21st of June!


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