Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Generosity of strangers

While I usually love to avoid Facebook, yesterday a friend had shared the story of Dobri Dobrev which has thoroughly lodged itself in my mind. So I snoped him! According to snopes, it’s true and I want to share his amazing story. He’s nearly a century old, deaf from World War II who collects money for the restoration of churches and monasteries. He’s humble and kind, graciously accepting any coin that comes his way with a kiss to the hand. For years he has been spending his days in Sophia, Bulgaria with a pension to sustain him. Everything donated into his cup is collected. The St Alexander Nevsky Cathedralis a favorite of this humble man who chooses to live simply- making his own clothing and eating simple meals given to him. He is always offering whatever assistance he can at the church as well, even in his old age. Here is a video of his donation to the church.

I love that! “It turns out that the money, penny by penny… [is] the largest donation in its history.”

So I am inspired, yet again. I’ll keep putting it out there and working until we have $3000. Five dollars here, two dollars there, twenty dollars from Youcaring! Most donations thus far are from people I have met at one point or another, people I can say “Thank you” to in person. Having a site set up for the whole world to see (and I wish they would!) brings in new friends. Which is awesome! And means we have new, unknown donors. How cool is that! One penny at a time, one speaking engagement at a time, people are learning, sharing, caring- we’re almost ready to throw an identification/wedding party! This is your invitation. You can give your gifts in advance at Thank you in advance :)

On a side note, sheep are way more high maintenance than we were hoping for. But community is amazing and people are so good! I love you all!


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One thought on “Generosity of strangers

  1. Wow, what a wonderful heartwarming story. Reminds me of someone I know. :) Thanks for sharing!!

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