Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Mindless walking

Somewhere out there, one of my best friends is mindlessly walking the trail. Reading the BBC article about how awesome it is makes me a bit wishful, but mostly just super happy that he’s out there. Perhaps turning into a famous writer himself! His days must be full of “random inspiration” but I’m confident he’s got a place to think. I do think there must be a connection between gardening and creative thinking as well. My best thinking, praying, meditating, and sometimes even working get done when my hands are in the dirt! A feeling most people should be able to relate to. Maybe not with gardening or walking, but I bet you have your intentionally mindless activity, too.

Anyways, he’s out there, somewhere in California. Facebook seems to indicate he’s in Wrightwood, CA. So, not ahead of schedule like I’d imagined he could be by now. Good thing- he must be taking care of his feet!

And I’m here, taking care of sheep feet. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t want to trade places with him.

Here's a photo of my girls! It's been so long since I posted a photo, I'd nearly forgotten how to.

Here’s a photo of my girls! It’s been so long since I posted a photo, I’d nearly forgotten how to.

 These two ladies, Merry with submarine Sass nursing away, will be joined by several more Monday afternoon and it’s going to look like a creamery around here!  Sheep milk is the best milk any of us have ever had the pleasure of drinking- sweet and creamy without being too rich. The yogurt is very thick and resembles Greek yogurt. Except, of course, it tastes better. The kefir is obviously awesome. Soft cheese is wonderous. Next thing we must try is the Ice Cream and I can not wait!!!

So, this is my fundraising getting serious. Several neighbors who do not like what happens when they drink “normal milk” are loving Merry milk, so I have a regular income for the first time in ages! Oh, and the basil has all been planted, the high tunnel has been raised and covered, and the Facebook page is here at last! AND!! I made beef tacos for dinner tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. They were made out of tongue and it was the best meal I’ve cooked in ages if I don’t say so myself.

I’m feeling inspired with NPR’s pledge week going on right now. I might start calling everyone to see how many people I can get organized to buy sheep milk/yogurt/cheese/kefir. Or just tell them about how ten dollars gives a person a life. Let me get out my best advertiser voice. Ahem. You too can make a difference! Go to now to enter your donation!

Or perhaps I’ll stick to making tongue tacos. Happy Dia de la Batalla de Puebla, everyone!


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One thought on “Mindless walking

  1. erin on said:

    You go, girl! Thanks for keeping this in the fore-front of our minds! You did a great job last weekend, too! :)

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