Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Thank you for having kids

Today I shared photos from my time in Rwanda with the kids at Lourdes. The kids who had cleaned out their closets to send shoes with me for the kids in Rwanda. I love kids! They were more excited and engaged than most adults I know. Either because I had no expectations on their knowledge of East African politics so they felt felt free to ask the really important questions. Like “What kind of a dog is Bobi?”

My Powerpoint had been lost late last night, so the photos were thrown together at the last moment. It was pretty haphazard with me still trying to get slides into the presentation as I was presenting. I love kids. They’re so forgiving. And so generous! They had a pile of candy and a delicious homemade cupcake for me which my body already regrets me eating, ugh.

They are also ready to bring in their own money to help. When they heard it only took ten dollars to give so many opportunities to a person, they were ready to clean out piggy banks. I was especially touched by one girl saying she only had seven dollars, but she’d be donating it. I love kids! They are still functioning on that simple level where they are happy without the money. Give the money to someone who needs it! Bills, fashion, politics, society… Mom and dad take care of those silly responsibilities, so kids are free to invest with their hearts. I love kids!


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