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And the miracle of today


The weather channels here keep warning us to clear storm drains to prevent flooding. Good advice for Oregonians who should be somewhat used to lots of rain coming down. I just found out there is flooding in Burundi. Also somewhere that gets quite a bit of rain but without the storm drains. Here is what our friend in Rwanda learned as copied from her Facebook page:

African Road, Inc. has begun partnering with several projects in Burundi. We received a heart-breaking report from our partner there. If you would like to donate now to help meet these needs, visit our page and note “Burundi flood” in the memo line.

From Burundi: “The morale is quite low in the population on this end, and everyone in the capital has been affected one way or the other. This afternoon I spent some time with Georges (an African Road friend who lives and cares for a simple congregation in the slums) and he has some heart-wrenching stories:

– 2 people are dead from his congregation
– 6 people in his congregation lost their houses & all possessions
– 5 are hospitalized, 3 in a serious condition
– 2 women in the Women Rise Up Cooperative (African Road funded a soap making initiative) had their houses destroyed, and 1 woman is nowhere to be found
– Georges and Necelatte’s house had a wall completely torn down and now they have people taking shelter in their living room (a simple two room house to begin with.)

I sat there as Georges recounted the stories and I was dumb-founded. Where do you begin to respond to something like this?
“In short, people need basics: food and clothes since many lost all they had. It seems like a war zone. The people from our local congregation are going to chip in; so if anybody can join in, it is much needed and appreciated.”


Two people just in Georges community have died! Now I am left wondering if it may have been one of the women drummers, that woman with the baby I made cry, the teenagers who were taking photos of us, the woman who makes the soap? CNN says at least 50 people have died. I wonder if that 50 included the people from Georges community and similar slums? I wonder what it means to have your house destroyed when their houses were tin walls and dirt floors? I wonder if those hospitalized will be able to pay for their medical coverage? I wonder how many were unidentified and denied medical care?

Here I had been planning on doing a light-hearted post. It would be nice to share something fun and upbeat once in awhile….

The best thing that happened to me yesterday was having an amazing dinner out with my folks and taking my leftovers home wrapped up shaped like a giraffe.

And having $50 cash donated to me. Thank you for the donation! It is now being put towards the Burundi flood.

Oh, and make sure your storm drains are clear.


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