Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Donating is tax deductible

It’s easy for me to get all caught up in the big picture and forget about the tiny little details like TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS! Being committed to helping the Batwa become recognized starts with those first 50 families. There is no deadline to be met, but I will not stop until we have $3000. It would be really nice to have one of those little donation gauges where you can see how close we are to hitting the goal. But this way, I will treat it as a perpetually unmet goal. Then, if three turns into six thousand…. !!!!

Also, there is now a page specifically for donating.

Oh, and have you heard? Rain is in the forecast! I am sooo happyyyyy!


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4 thoughts on “Donating is tax deductible

  1. Where is the donation page?

  2. Thank you Sarah for being the amazing, caring, giving young woman you are. We’re looking around for stuff collecting dust that we can sell and give the funds to ID cards! Love you, Dad & Mom

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