Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Special delivery

Lori Martin is back in Rwanda today! Did she plan to arrive on MLK Jr’s birthday? I am going to say yes. She wanted to arrive on the birthday of an amazing man who died fighting the non-violent fight for equal rights. Arriving in her home where the battle for survival is fought daily. Yes, she’s that awesome. Every day, I think about my friends in East Africa. It is so far away, it can be hard to imagine helping from backwoods Oregon. But I am in the process of working and planning and saving and preparing and collecting gear and looking at maps and filling forms and finding people/places that might be interested in hearing a bit about lil’ ole Burundi.

Campo, California to Monument 78, Canada. 2,655 miles and about 5 months starting this April…. Does anyone know how to make pemmican?


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2 thoughts on “Special delivery

  1. Elaine on said:

    Be careful about possible salmonella contamination!!! The last thing you want is for your MRE to make you horrifically ill in the midst of the wilderness.

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