Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Our Unknown Burundians

Unknown until we get them ID cards!

Christmas in Bubanza. Definitely warmer

Christmas in Bubanza. Definitely warmer

Hi gang! I know I told you all I would get you info asap. Seems Africa was left out of that memo. We are still working towards raising enough money to register at least 50 families for ID cards at a price of $12 per person. So about $100/family. But. The ID cards are changing Jan 2014 to a card that works for all of East Africa. Way cooler. But communicating with people on the ground in Burundi is a very veeerrrryyyy slow process. So until I have all the info, I don’t know just what I’m selling to you. I know a goat for the party will cost about ten bucks, regardless of if registration things change. So buy a Burundian family a goat for Christmas! Or a new life in the New Year. I will get specifics, but in case you need to spend some money before Christmas, you can contribute at African Road’s Donate Page and make a note that it is a donation for Registering the Batwa. Here’s the pdf in case you want to print one off to share with all your friends, coworkers. Hey maybe even leave one out to inspire Santa :)

Registering the Batwa

I hope everyone who made it out enjoyed seeing the photos as much as I enjoyed sharing them! And thanks for helping me make a difference. I love each of you and hope you have a blessed holiday season.


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One thought on “Our Unknown Burundians

  1. Lindsey (Currie) Dubois on said:

    I want to buy a goat for a family for Christmas!!!! I wish I made more money as I don’t even bother shipping money to my bank in tx and therefore have no money on my debit only cash…. But oh man, how COOL would it be to buy someone a GOAT for the holiday?!

    I hope you got to buy someone a goat. :).

    Ps- what are the ID cards for?

    Pps- are they going to eat the goat or adopt it as an awesome family pet? If they are going to eat it, the idea of buying a goat for a family just died a little bit to me…

    Happy holidays my friend! Can we make a date to get together this year? Perhaps in the spring?

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