Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Genocide memorial

Seems I am a bit behind on updating, eh? Well it’s not my fault, of course. The internet is slow and the days are far too much fun to spend writing a blog. When I say days, I may be referring to the late nights spent chatting with extremely interesting people. Which means you may just have to hear the real what’s up when I return from Rwanda.  Here’s my favorite photo from “the water walk” we did yesterday. Twice a day these kids used to have to walk 45 minutes one way where they filled 1 to 5 gallon jugs of water. Then they had to walk straight uphill to the road and back to the farm. Thankfully, they now have the well right on the farm.  And I bet you complained about not finding a parking spot at the front of the lot the last time you were at the mall, eh?

I love the childrens!

I love the childrens!

I have more photos of how crazy the walk is and how adorable the kids are, but no time to get them uploaded.


Weeding the maize and ibishyimbo

There has also been some walking. Teri and I made it out to the country with Peninah. We made friends with this woman, working bare footed in the garden (I’m not the only one who does it!). We did not get a photo of her smiling, but she was lovely when she did.

Can you see all the children gathereing to wave Murabeho to us?

Can you see all the children gathereing to wave Murabeho to us?

Gisozi Genocide Memorial today. Seems like it is going to be heavy.

You can expect to hear about it in a day or ten. Much love to everyone and make sure to give someone a hug for me :)


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9 thoughts on “Genocide memorial

  1. Suzanne Dekkers on said:

    Virtual hug for you Sarah! You are an extremely goodhearted person and I’m so proud of you :) keep smiling every single day! Lots of love xx

  2. I wonder if CRS, Catholic Relief Services, put the well in. I know they do a lot of that type of humanitarian work. Where is your sun hat?

    Patricia Collins

  3. Neighbors down the hill. on said:

    not sure you will get this in time, but you do know about the solar eclipse this Sunday, yes? You should get a show.

    We are enjoying reading of your adventures.

  4. Are you going to see the Shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho? Immaculee Ilibagiza from Rwanda who now lives in the US takes groups on pilgrimages to her homeland and to the Shrine. All of her family except one brother studying outside the country were killed during the genocide.
    Thanks for the pictures!
    Patricia C.

  5. My new favorite picture of you with the little ones! You can just feel the love and how thrilled they are to be with you. Love you! Dad & Mom.

  6. Leonard on said:

    The pic with the little ones all curiously gathered around is so sweet. Hugs to you as you visit the memorial. love, live and laugh with your new friends.
    love from home

  7. Agreed with all of the above. That first picture with the little ones surrounding you is amazing! SO much love! And there’s much more love for you here at home as well. Miss you and so glad to see you are still being so grand slap-tastic (not that there was any doubt here). ;) <3

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