Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Naked with cleats on

Do you ever notice people when you go out who are acting like crazies, but having so much fun. And watching them you can’t help but wish you could unleash a tiny little bit of your wild side for just a few minutes of crazy fun? No, we didn’t run around with just our cleats on in the rain. Although cleats were probably more comfortable than the heels we did have on.

I am lucky enough to have some friends who are that kind of crazy. (Not the naked in the rain kind, get your mind out of the gutter!) The kind of crazy that’s intoxicating fun. Or perhaps since I will be leaving town for a bit, they allowed me to indulge in my crazy for the night..? I don’t know, but if I had seen this gaggle of girls out on the town getting their barbeque sauce on (literally), I’d have laughed at the crazies. And walked away clean and civilized.

That’s not the kinda person I am. Instead, some of the coolest people I know and I put on our Homecoming dresses and went out for some fancy barbeque. By fancy I mean it was used as a facial application. You know, like cucumbers on your eyeballs. It has a pleasant warming effect (the bbq sauce, not the cucumbers). And we probably had lots of people looking at us like we were crazies. And we are!

Look at those crazy girls! Wait a minute....

Look at those crazy, gorgeous ladies!
Wait a minute….

I’m so glad we were the crazy bunch this weekend.

Shoe drive success! Sending out word that any unwanted, lightly used shoes, preferably athletic men’s sizes 6-9, would be loved by kids in Rwanda, we ended up with a whole box of cleats!! A box! That’s enough for a whole team. It’s amazing what can happen when you ask. I’d kind of expected a few sets of shoes, but this is absolutely great! Now if only we could get a box of soccer balls. African Road is trying to collect One World Futbols for the kids. They’re extra tough and made from leather. It sounds like the plastic ones are trash once they break, but if we get them some higher quality leather futbols, they are able to sew them and keep playing.

Shoe Drive!

10 pairs of athletic shoes and 12 sets of cleats!

It always amazes me how small our world is. My parents stories of their Alaskan adventures where they’d meet people who were also from Oregon or knew of their hometown or knew the same people, even! And with my Rwanda plans, it seems many people know someone in Africa (which means I’ll practically be living next door and will definitely be stopping by for a cuppa tea). One woman who had been to Rwanda, wondered why I wasn’t doing a clothes drive. She remembered all the kids running around without a stitch of clothing on. Seems she thought I should be doing a clothes drive as well. Said they’d be running around naked in their cleats otherwise. Well, I guess we have to start someplace, right!

A great big Thank You to each one of the kids who donated their outgrown shoes. If shoes are too expensive to buy, one can only imagine how unobtainably expensive soccer cleats must be! This is so great. I feel like Santa Claus!  It will be like giving someone a new car. Except I’ve got 22 new cars packed! I really am Santa Claus!

The bbq moisturizers and sparkly dress will, however, remain behind….


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One thought on “Naked with cleats on

  1. Was an awesome time…thank you! I look forward to the reunion outing when you return ;)

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