Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Fall is here!

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting cooler, the gardens are slowing down, the cows are calving and most importantly, the rain has begun once again! I love fall so much. There will not be an autumn waiting for me in Rwanda. Rainy season, here I come! It’s equatorial, but high elevation. The weather has been rainy and in the 80’s according to the internet. Can’t say I love the idea of humid, but I am in love with the fact that I am going to Africa! To the Land of a Thousand Hills, none the less! I have also learned it’s the only location you can see the endangered mountain gorillas- might have to try and do that if there happens to be a spare $500 lying in the street. But the Volcano National Park is on my Must See list. Volcanoes! Real excited for that one! :-D

Anywho. Researching is fun. I have a stack of books from the library, thanks to a very generous friend and hacked into my uncle’s Netflix to watch that intense documentary. The genocide having happened in 1994, I don’t remember any of it (being seven years old- a young tender age demanding isolation from reality) but am very interested in learning what my more mature friends do (or don’t) recall from that time. It’s also interesting to be learning of how our nation could have taken action before/during the months of killing, and chose not to while Congress is discussing how to react to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. How can we stand by and watch something like that as if it were ok?!?!

Back to the topic at hand. 10,000 square miles makes it a small country, but according to the book I’m reading, the population (in 2007) is over 8 million. I just asked Google and it says they’re at 11.46. Million. What!! Oregon’s at what, 3 or 4 million people living on TEN TIMES MORE AREA!!!! And I’m uncomfortable when I have to stand in an elevator with several other people. 11million/10,000sq mi= 1100people/sq mi!!! They should have called it the land of a thousand people on each hill! Yeesh! And landlocked, so lots of people with not lots to eat.

This is where I, the girl who eats constantly and currently spends most days alone on 100 acres, choose to go. Should I be worried?


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