Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

After a long absence

the one and only Sarah will be attempting to resume blogging. Hold the applause, please. No one can hear it but you.

The farming hiatus was a great learning opportunity. I learned this is something I am passionate about- growing sustenance right here to feed people right here without using chemicals. I learned how little time one day holds. I learned how wonderfully isolated things are out here. I learned people are integral to my life. I learned there is little influence to be made in an area where things are comfy as they have been [unchanged] for the past 50 years. I learned I want more for my life! One little farm can contain me no longer!

Today I had a wonderful meeting with two women of African Road and we are making plans together. They want me there in October!!! That means I am looking at plane tickets to Rwanda! Which means this blog will come back to life, my life has a few short weeks to sort itself out and I need to buy a plane ticket!

to africa

Look, it’s me on my way to Rwanda!

Airline miles gladly accepted :)


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