Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

It’s the end of my plans as I know them

Considering today is the end of the world, that R.E.M. song will be in my head all day. And I don’t mind at all! Prepare to be embarrassed for me as I dance my silly heart out! *Dancing!*

“And I feeeeeeeeeeel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeee!”

Ashley just called me and my plans will not be proceeding as hoped. The quote “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans” comes to mind.

The position I had applied to was filled nationally. Which is great! If the people can help themselves locally, they have a true long term solution. I love that! But don’t know where that leaves me… With too many eggs in a stationary basket. I am currently researching other options, but if there is a wedding in 6 months I have a short amount of time to get organized!

Especially if the world ends tonight! (Insert appropriately somberly cliche reflection- every day could be the last, live every day as if it were the last, improve your eulogy now cuz it’s all you have. Insert here.)

But when my parents go out looking like this, I suppose I should be wishing for the end of the world, eh?


It’s the end of the world as we know it!
I love these guys so much.
Zoot, zoot!


But “With every ending comes a new beginning.” So I feel fine!



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2 thoughts on “It’s the end of my plans as I know them

  1. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but something else even better will come.

    And all I could think of when I saw the picture of your mom and dad was “these are my people,” and I was smiling so big my face hurt. Missing all of you so much right now as Christmas gets closer, longing for the “good old days,” Christmas at the Farm. *sigh*

    • I’m starting to think farming with these people could be the best ting ever! I saw your mom tonight at mass. All your people will be missing you this Christmas.

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