Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Zoot zoot zoot!

I watched the following video with my family last night and it was great! We, with our new best friends, had a blast! My family is amazing and I love them all for connecting and zooting with me last night! We generated heaps of endorphins! For your heart’s sake, don’t take yourself too seriously, sit back and take in some Amanda Gore.

If you’re not laughing yet, you’re too mature to be here. You should stop reading my blog now.

If you’re laughing, please share this! Watch it with any mature people in your life and see what happens. I highly recommend any other videos you can find where she is wearing ears. Zoot, zoot is her way of spreading love, so

Zoot, zoot, zoot, zoot, zoot!

And I don’t just say that to increase my bonking points :)


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