Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Beautiful things

100% Pure Liquid Oregon Sunshine

100% Pure Liquid Oregon Sunshine

Heaps of beautiful things these past few weeks! The weather. The rain here is never unenjoyable. It gets cold and makes things soggy, but they also get green!! Liquid life. Or, as dad always says, “liquid sunshine” and over 2 inches of it.

Earlier this week, an amazing woman I idolize taught me about baking bread and making cheese. I went to her house with my aunt (another idol) and came home with feta, chevre, ricotta, sour cream and butter (along with GALLONS of whey) and some awesome stories.

It being wreath making season, Dancing Oaks Nursery where we put fantastic smelling greens together (mine was a very sad looking wreath compared to Brian’s!)

My Jeremiah (sourdough starter) helped me use those awesome bread making tips I was given to make dozens of rolls for Christmas dinner with my mom’s family (clam chowder feast collowed by decadence including freshly made chevre chocolate cheesecake for dessert!)

Cider pressing! With the late season apples coming to an end, there’s only about one more batch left to press. It’s been delicious to have fresh cider for the last few weeks. Not to mention kefir cider soda! With milk kefir grains, I really should look into getting some water kefir grains for next time.

I had the privilege of being invited to listen to some speakers at the Oregon Seed Growers League this week (thanks for the invitation, dad). I learned about many interesting things including Oregon’s uniquely awesome growing climate (hazelnuts, blueberries and grass seed), how beneficial cover crops are, especially rye with corn, about a local mill/grain and seed grower’s work with new crops, current pesticide legislature and, especially interesting to me, about Native Bees and how bumblebees love grass seed fields for nesting.

We’ve eaten and shared the sausage we made just after thanksgiving.

And it’s calving season! There was one more new baby yesterday. If that cold, dreary liquid sunshine isn’t a lively enough miracle for you, an awkwardly stumbling new baby calf is undeniably beautiful.

In other news, Ashley has been out of town for quite awhile now. My awesomely awesome letter writers gave me copies of the letters they wrote me (which I will save forever and read whenever my self esteem needs a boost). We have a phone meeting coming up, but fortunately I have plenty of other beautiful things to distract me :)

Jeremiah hard at work! And that was only half the work he did that day

Jeremiah hard at work! And that was only half the work he did that day


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