Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

In Thanksgiving

Feels like time for a gratitude volley! Ages ago, a friend taught me about gratitude volleys. The idea is to share all the things you’re so very thankful for and volley it out into the universe ans the universe will, hopefully, volley some lovin back to you. So here I go, volleying to you!

I’m thankful foe Jean, an amazing woman who gave me this beautiful creation who I get to see for dinner on Monday. I love and admire her unstoppable, adventuresome, oh, so lovely spirit. Thank you for your sterling example, Jean!

I love my family, how loudly diverse and fat we are when we all get together.

I love Oregon rain, it’s so full of life!

I love how life is unstoppable and so very lively (except the planty things- so very lushly alive). I love how easy it is to see lively life in the Willamette Valley. Perhaps less so in a few weeks when most of the Christmas trees are cut down, but it’s still here! We may be killing our planet, but Pachamama seems to keep forgiving us.

I love cows. I love how they look, how they sound (in small numbers, of course), how they smell (in very small numbers, of course), how they give us things like steak and milk and adorable little baby cows.

I love the Spanish language- it’s so musical and sing-songy and fun!

I love good food! Last night it came in the form of stovetop popcorn with microplaned cheese and sea salt. Yesterday morning and afternoon it came in the form of sausage. Sausage we ground, mixed, seasoned, cased, smoked and wrapped ourselves.

I love good entertainment! Thank you Hugh Jackman (Australia).

I love working out… I love how right now I’m a tiny bit sore which makes me want to get up and move even more! When I do have a routine, it seems to make everything better, somehow. If I can ever get myself back into a routine, I’ll love how I feel. Thrice in one week isn’t too bad! And I’m doing it before the New Year’s Resolution fad hits, too!

I love seeing people come together. Part of why I love Thanksgiving so much- the food, the people, the lack of presents, the food, the games, the day spent indulging.

I love good inside jokes.

I love Dr Seuss!!!!

I love how easily photographs can stimulate the memory.

I love that I’ve gotten to spend so much time with my family since I moved back home this summer.

I love baking bread! I love having a sourdough starter- a living dough puddle on the counter with yeast from my house. I love using Jeremiah (my sourdough starter) to transform flour into amazing bread! I love the way baking bread transforms a kitchen into a hot deliciously aromatic gathering place for drooling adults, knives butter and molasses in hand. I love sharing the baked goodness with fellow bread lovers.

I love gardens, gardening, planting and growing. (See I love life above)

I love sharing smiles.

I love that the Christmas season has almost ended (which doesn’t seem like something I should include in a gratitude volley, but I can’t help myself).

I love where I am right now.

I am thankful for all the love I have in my life!



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One thought on “In Thanksgiving

  1. jclfarm on said:

    I love that I have a daughter that inspires me to broaden my horizons and stretch beyond the comfortable. I love the delicious bread!! So loved working together putting away the garden harvest in such a variety of yummy ways.

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