Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Returning to the homestead

My last week at the secluded retreat was absolutely wonderful. It seemed like my “reset” button was pressed. I felt so full of love and sunshine and it seemed the world was smiling back (in rainbows!!).

The last few days there two people’s words helped me. One was Tom who was leading a small group of us through some yoga. After an hour and a half of deliciously cleansing work, on one of our final poses, he told us we needed to release our inner smiles to complete the pose. How great was that? I don’t think there’s a word for how great I felt at the end of our practice. Euphoric, perhaps?
Earlier in the week, some words of Mother Teresa’s words came into my life. Sadly, I cannot find the complete quote in my online searchings. However it was part of the quote about how there is more hunger in this world for love than there is for bread, but it went on to say we all have the ability to feed the world. I’ve been saying for years that was what I wanted to do- feed the world. Microbiology was a pain, but I’d stick it out because I was going to feed the world type of thing. Her words made me realize I already AM feeding the world. We all have the ability. Just release the good things you’re holding inside… Smile!

The best part about returning from my three week vacation- my dog smiling at me!


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