Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today



Mrs. Hughes



I love house sitting. Not only for the mini-vacation- complete with fresh linens, a stocked pantry, new kitchen gadgets to try, weekly maid service and free wifi. I love the new exposures. Sure, I’ve heard of OPB.. Yea, yea- Masterpiece Theater, right. But have I ever actually watched? Nope. Don’t really watch much of any tv. Seems like a waste of time to me. This house came equipped with the first two seasons of Downton Abbey, an OPB masterpiece. And I’ll admit I watched it all in about 4 days. Granted, I was ill, that’s still like 20 hours watching a screen on a wall. That’s beside the point, the point is, it really is a masterpiece and I was totally hooked. The point is there are some really great stories and characters. The point is Maggie Smith IS royalty and there’s no role not improved by her acting. I love the old fashion and the way they speak. Sometimes I feel that the English language is so flat. Back in the day, they knew how to say things. There’s one line that still sticks with me a week later. Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper says something about Carson, the butler, being a good man and “It costs me nothing to say it.”

I suppose we have correlates to “I don’t care” or “No skin off my nose” or “Whatever” but Mrs. Hughes really cuts rights down to it. Not that she gains anything from saying it, but Carson did. It made me think about my words. How often do I weight them. Do they cost me? Cost the person I’m talking to? Who will profit? Anyone? When we do speak, write, text, email, sign, send up smoke signals, blink out Morse code or however we choose to communicate, we are embracing a powerful tool. It’s easy to forget when we can say anything we want, anytime to anyone. Thank God for Freedom of Speech.

Words are really investments, aren’t they? If we don’t speak them, nothing will happen. When you do, you release something which can only come from you. No one else has the ability to share the things you do. Those things you know so well. The stories only you can tell. Your spiritual revelations. How passionately you believe. So please, don’t hold back. I would love for you to tell me, if you can. Invest in humanity, invest in the scary unknown realm of possibilities, invest in the future, invest in you… It won’t cost you anything.


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  1. Yeah OPB rocks!

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