Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Have you played today?


Isn’t autumn a funny word? But so lovely!

Volunteering update: I’ve gotten at least two amazing people to write me letters of recommendation. The third, facebook requested, letter I have not had a response to, which I think will have me asking someone else. So, I continue to wait. But while waiting, I’ve been recovering, having so much fun with the fused art class I’m taking with mom and Brian, watching fall arrive. And it always surprises me! I love the colors, love the weather, love the feeling of change in the air.

Awesome things update: playing makes us better people- listen to your inner child! Science is awesome and makes us better (which I knew from when I was a kid. Bill Nye invented awesome). Science is about asking questions and looking for answers in novel territory. The following video is about how playing opens us up to new ways of living. My notes:

Perception is grounded in our past experiences.

We only ever see what was useful to see in the past.


We have to ask questions before we can do anything new.

The best questions create the most uncertainty and question the things we already think to be true.

Evolution’s answer to all that uncertainty is playing.

Play is one of the only human endeavors where uncertainty is actually celebrated.

We normally spend our lives responding, it keeps us safe.. But to do something different, we must step into uncertainty.

It’s an uncertain world we live in. I propose we all celebrate the miracle of questioning the uncertain, turn off our computers and go play in the autumn leaves!


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2 thoughts on “Have you played today?

  1. Oh yeah playing is something we don’t do nearly enough! So busy busy busy…well I strive to play more in the future :)
    Seasonal changes are my favorite time of year especially fall because it is always a spectacular show!
    Yeah science…love those TED talks and love you sis!

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