Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

The Universe Provides

A week away from the computer is a wonderful thing in so many ways.

First of all, I had an amazing week. Not just because it was my birthday (that just makes it ok to be away for that long, right?). Because fall is here, the weather is gorgeous, the tomatoes are still producing to the point where we’re starting to wish they would stop and the universe is providing! For my/mom’s birthday(hers is 30 years and 3 days away from mine), my mom and I had brunch in Costello’s Travel Cafe, a place as cool as it sounds. While we were sitting in the front, waiting for our quiche and trying to make plans, my mom said “We’ll just wait and see what the universe brings us.” which reminded me of one of my most favorite-est books, The Alchemist. The universe is conspiring to bringmy personal legend to fruition. Yes, please!

I can't wait!

This week has been one of distraction. Because Ashley is a very busy woman, emailing her to give me a call as soon as possible leaves me waiting until this afternoon for her call. So when there’s nothing to do but wait, what do I do?

Stay out of the house and away from the computer.

I canned. Tomatoes. Pears. Tomato sauce. Pepper jelly. Salsa. Tomato sauce (ketchup). I love the idea of taking what is being provided now and saving it up to use all winter! Who needs those fake Florida tomatoes? Went to The Laramie Project. And I was so moved and impressed, we’re going again tonight with my parents! Here’s to hoping for a world without hate.

We harvested chickens- aka mother-daughter bonding time (we decided killing chickens was way better than shopping anyways). Made bread. (Brats with fresh sourdough and homemade kraut is phenomenal!). As a birthday splurge on myself, I received a massage. Volunteered at the local elementary school. Reading time! It’s amazing what happens when the kid knows they have you all to themselves.

We visited the Mount Angel Abbey. Harvested hops, made tea with it and decided the rest should be used for beer. Or cow feed. We winterized the garden. Hauled in truckloads of “fertilizer” and have it smelling like a feedlot. Planted garlic. Harvested tomatoes. Again and again and again. And again this afternoon. Tried Ethiopian food and boiled frosting for my birthday. I loved that there is no use for silverware. Use injera and your hands! Then we left the cake leftovers for the kitchen staff and the owner came out later and told us their story. What a cool place, great culture and awesome people!

The perpetually postponed doctor’s appointment was completed. Need to be healthy to leave the country. Attended an orientation for a fused glass class Brian and I are taking together in honor or mom’s birthday. She has wanted to go for years! I am so excited that we get to create beautiful things with our outstanding mother! Finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about a family’s year spent as a locavores- inspiring.. Bring on the tomatoes! Started reading Short History of Nearly Everything. It really is about nearly everything! Canned some more- Rose hip jam. Made sundried tomatoes without the sun, but Heating Element Tomatoes don’t quite inspire Pavlovian reflexes. And house sat again. I love when the full potential of a few acres is being utilized so completely. It’s a beautiful thing. But then I came home and there the computer was, waiting.

It was really nice to be “away” for awhile. It seems so easy to get pulled into the wonderful world of the web and lose precious time. Part of my motivation for starting this blog is as a self checking honor system journal. Am I respecting the value of today and every possible miracle the universe is presenting itself to me? With the obligations of email, blogs, news, facebook, twitter, or whatever site you may be tethered to gone, things just sort of seem more real. When that small distraction is removed, it became so much easier to appreciate. I spent more time outside, in the garden, tending the new baby chicks, the cows. Appreciating this fall sunshine. As a family, we have spent more time together. No tomatoes have been lost! Being “away” was awesome, but I knew there were things I was avoiding. Like blogging. Egh, and why does it have to be called blogging. What a gross word. But, no one’s really reading it yet anyways….. Right?

Email check: there’s a few blog emails. That’s interesting.

Ashley re-confirmed our appointment, yay!

My uncle confirmed he is leaving for India without me and that I should take extra good care of his chickens.

And an astounding woman invested in me! I’m not sure how to react. Gratitude, obviously. Overwhelmingly so. And love. And motivated! I was just invested in! That means so much more than I can put into words. Writing does not come to me as well as it does to Jill. But the fact that she choose me out of everyone? Now my cause means something to her, too- that’s something. That’s something for me to live up to. I am going somewhere, to do something for people who don’t have the resources the rest of us have (awesome family, case in point). But I’m not just going for me. Now, her money has been invested in this cause, too. The changes I make have become hers as well… That’s intimidatingly, inspiringly stimulating!

It all seems weirdly cyclically ironic. The investment was given her from a man whose blog I first discovered because of her blog, A Thousand Shades of Gray. She has been writing for quite some time and has a beautiful blog. While reading on her site, I found Chris Guillebeau’s A Brief Guide to World Domination which made me serious about this blogging thing. So, in essence, Jill unknowingly encouraged me, Chris motivated me to write publicly, Chris invested in Jill, Jill read my two weeks of posts, Jill invested in me, I am changing the world!

Thank you, Jill, for an awesome blog, for all the years being a role model and inspiration, and for your faithful investment. We ARE doing something!


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2 thoughts on “The Universe Provides

  1. jclfarm on said:

    Sarah, I’m so proud of you! You give me way too much credit. You are who you are because of the strength within you. You’ve overcome so much and with a smile that warms our hearts. I’ve so enjoyed cooking and experimenting with you and 1001 ways to preserve tomatoes! So much fun to cook with someone who is just as messy as I am and who measures so exactly as I do. I have no doubt you will thrive in whatever and wherever you choose to go. Love you, Mom.

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