Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Buckner Brine

Ashley and I have been exchanging emails and the date for little brother’s wedding is starting to sound like it will be in May, so I’ve got to get started now!! I think the fact that I will only be free for 5 months has cut more than a few of them off my list. She is calling me tomorrow to finalize and start paperwork. I’ve been dreaming big for awhile now- thinking a year of volunteering in Africa. It seems reality has other plans. A short term opportunity to improve el Espanol, and then I can venture further after the wedding. Perhaps I’ll start chasing summer around the globe… While volunteering..? Regardless, tonight all I can think about is where I will be going.

In other news, I just finished house sitting for the most amazing couple. They have an impressive yard with very little wasted space (not much lawn). It’s more of a produce factory than a garden. Like a living outdoor pantry. But I still think mom and dad’s farm eggs taste better. With that deep orange yolk. If you’ve only ever eaten supermarket eggs, with yolks that would match the “Sunshine Yellow” paint chips, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. These are much closer to “Sunny Carrots” or “Solar Orange” and you can taste the goodness. We had sunny eggs to go with our traditional Sunday breakfast feast. With apple-sourdough pancakes, sausage and a beautiful sunny fall day, it couldn’t have been much better. Except it did get better!

Sunday night, we had a spectacularly sumptuous supper with the rest of the family. Roast lamb, broiled tuna, fresh corn, fresh beans, crusty bread and clafouti and Hand Churned! elderberry ice cream for dessert. I love my family so much. Love makes people round, did you know that? I’m not gaining weight, I’m showing the love :-D

Then today, after a morning hunt with the greatest man I know, was a roadtrip to Powell’s with my amazing mother and cute double cousin. I love what happens when you confine two or three people in a small vehicle for an extended period of time. Ok, it was only a couple hours there and a couple hours back. But it was great. No visual distractions like tv, no audio distractions like radio (just the incessant, unavoidable road noise my tin-can of a Civic provides), no interruption like a phone call (mine was “forgotten” at home). Just three super awesome ladies hanging out for the afternoon. And then far too little time spent with the books. If only they could all be free (yes, apparently they make places like that called Libraries)! My cookbook collection has grown by 4, one I am very proud of, one for brother I am a TINY bit jealous of and a few mom found which have gorgeous art in them. She would. (She did.) The only person missing out is dad! We went hunting again tonight instead.

Today’s miracle has to be that of the written word. One cookbook I found was an ex-library book. I love to think about how many people used the recipes contained in those well worn, slightly stained pages. How many loaves of bread were produced because of Miss Laurel? How many people’s bread baking skills were refined because she cared enough to share what she was so passionate about? How awesome that this book now has a home with me? Thank you Laurel! Hopefully my family will reap the benefits soon, too.

Oh! The wonders those two bags contain!


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2 thoughts on “Buckner Brine

  1. Alyssa on said:

    Farm eggs shall forever be known as “real eggs” while store-bought eggs will be known as “fake eggs.”
    “Double cousin…” I’ve never thought of it that way, but it really is quite the perfect term to describe it.
    I think if I were to work at Powell’s, I would come home with a very small paycheck. Very small.

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