Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Starting to make plans with no destination set

Amazingly sweet, endearingly shy little girl who helped con los burros en Huayhuash.

Which isn’t all that abnormal for me. But I can say I’m going and it seems like that’s the hardest part for most people. I’ve had so many people say things like “I wish I could do that” and to those people, I say come with me! Do something awesome. You’re really the only one stopping you and you know it. I wish you would come, not just so you could share the self-less joy that comes from seeing pure gratitude in the faces of the most innocent little babes living in extreme, inhumane poverty like animals (insert picture of said child taken in Peru and lost in the stolen wallet her). No, I also want you to volunteer so I can go to Kenya. Ashley says I can leave whenever, for however long- but not to Kenya. Unless 3 of you want to come with me? They don’t send just one person at a time, so I asked her to put me on the waiting list. Maybe after little brother gets married (or 3 of you decide you want to change the world with me) I can tackle that continent.

I do have to pay a $500 fee regardless of which one I choose (Because volunteering to serve those in need should only be available to the rich or those insufferable children who will not move out of their parent’s houses to save the money needed). On top of that, it will cost about $1200/month; mas o menos, depending on exactly where I end up. So I’ve narrowed it down to teaching (“Conduct sessions in which conversational English classes are taught through games, hands on activities, lessons and discussions in English” or support “Support in helping children ages 3-12 complete their homework. The job will involve tutoring and making sure that children do well in school by helping them improve in classes where they are having academic achievement problems”) or constructing (“Coordinate construction volunteers to complete construction on Mefiboset CTC and small home improvement projects for families living in poverty“) in Mexico or the CTC assistant for Peru. And I’m sure that would mean working with Giugli because that’s exactly where she was taking the group of Texas kids when they came to my rescue. The description says: “Develope leadership workshop for children and women, help SW with home visits and office work, improve childrens english and mathematics, assist the SW with hygiene program (teaching hygiene habits, recicling garbage), assist to develope and art program (music, painting, crafts), help to develope clubs for children, etc”

I had hoped to stay for more than 6 months, but it’s starting to look like that would mean leaving in December and I’m not sure I want to do that. This summer, we made heaps of delicious prezzies I’m keen to hand out. Mexico is appealing since that would mean an easy hitchhike home, eh mom? Anyone going to be in Mexico and not afraid of a little adventure?


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