Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Working at the car wash, yea!

Minus the bathing suits and sudsy water…

Working at the Chicken Dinner is always fun in a completely overwhelming, crazy busy, not sitting down for 8+ hours without stopping, throwing away food covered plates so people can eat the disgusting looking cake (but the noodles my mom and dad were cookin were the best!), running for more pie, more noodles, more napkins, smiling so much your face hurts, chatting with old friends of my parents who I’ve not seen in years like I remember them, how did meringue get there kind of way. It flies by because I never have a chance to look at a clock-there’s no reason to when we don’t leave until the work is finished? Then clean-up and more clean-up and finding homes for all the napkins, CoffeeMate, take out bags, shredded cabbage, tomatoes and rolls that weren’t eaten, tables, chairs and 8 sheet cakes which were left over. I collected my tin can asking for donations at the end of the day and on the way out a few workers put their contributions in the can. The total in the can was one $20 bill more than what the workers had put in there. So, after working all day long for the church, they were still willing to give! These people are my inspiration.

Total raised so far: $49.68. How cool is that! That’s like two weeks of volunteering! Thank you to the entire church community at Our Lady of Lourdes. You people do amazing things!


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