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And the miracle of today

I’m Going!

Buckner International

To infinity and beyond!

After looking at the Needs List from Ashley, I have my list narrowed down to three countries: Kenya, Peru and Mexico. But dad says he would not come visit me in Mexico, so I may have to cross that one off.

Kenya needs a Foster/Kinship Care Sector Intern (a whole lot more than just an intern is needed, I’m sure, but it’s a starting point. I’ll help out here before I go on to change the rest of the continent.). With intern in the title, it’s probably slave labor, but having grown up working for my family’s farm, I know I’m really good at that. Plus, if it’s keeping orphans out of orphanages, I’m so keen! They also need a Nurse Assistant, but I’m not sure what qualifications would be required. Is a CPR certification enough?

The Mexican needs are for teachers and construction. Both of which sound great, but I’ll have to improve my Spanish skills more than a little bit. Ashley had also mentioned working on a hydroponics farm (because farming is awesome!) which I was also keen on, but it’s not on the list.

There is a community transformation center in program in Peru which needs help I’m interested in. If you follow any of those links, you’ll notice the little blue box on the right, it’s hard to believe only 9% of Peruvians are unemployed, yet there are 2 million kids working and 44.5% of people live in poverty! Having seen those kids with their hands out on the streets, it’s hard not to want to go back and help. I would easily go back to Peru.

Pause for a story.

June 6th of this year found me headed to the airport after an attempt at visiting the Amazon Jungle in Peru. My wallet had just been stolen with all my money, the boat into la selva (the jjungle) had broken down so I had wasted my last week and money for nothing: my spirits were rock bottom, not to mention all my luggage was in Miraflores waiting to be picked up from the last hostel I had stayed at. On the way out of Cuzco, I ran into the first group of Americans I had seen for three months. I tried making conversation with my seat mate (maybe he was going to Miraflores and would be willing to share a cab?). It seemed like he was in charge of the herd of teenagers and wasn’t interested in chatting, but as we approached Lima, I tried again. This time he was more receptive. His name was Todd. They were a church group, mostly high school juniors, who were in Peru for two weeks to work with orphans with Buckner International. They had just come from Machu Picchu and were going to work with a community just outside of Lima. The work they were doing sounded great! I had been so frustrated after spending six weeks in Huaraz “volunteering” with a group that had nothing for me to do. Why hadn’t I ever heard of them before? Buckner? Huh. Cool! But I need a ride. While waiting to collect our bags, he called me over to where he stood with another herd leader. He introduced me to Giugliana and she said their hotel was in Miraflores. The group had rented a bus, would I like a ride to my hostel? Thank you! Thank God! Yes, please!

Talking with them on the hour long bus ride and the twenty minute walk from the hotel to my hostel, they explained what Buckner is all about- they do great work. Actually looking at the reasons why children in Peru are becoming homeless and working in the communities to improve family structure as well as helping orphans to become successful adults, please check out their programs on their website. Amazing people who are making a difference. They are Doing Something. I love that. Oh, and they also passed a hat on the bus to take a collection for me. I had money for the return cab Giugliana got me, dinner for me and two friends at the airport as well as dinner in Houston where I was laid-over for eight hours. Wow! Things fell into place. It is truly amazing the way the universe works. Like Giugli said, when things like this happen, maybe it’s for a reason.

End of story.

Ahora (now) I’m living in Oregon with my parents, working to raise enough money to volunteer with Buckner, hopefully for an entire year (insert poor broke just out of college sob story here). I will stay as long as I can afford to (and that’s as close as I will get to asking for money). If you support what I’m doing, then just follow my blog, maybe offer a supportive comment every once in awhile? If you would like to offer monetary support, you will be helping me change the world. I’ll do my best to show you just exactly where your money is being spent with this blog, so please do follow me!


I have emailed Ashley and will be working at Our Lady of Lourdes Chicken Dinner this Sunday (with a can for donations on the table I’m busing, this will be the first time asking for money). If you happen to be in the area, please come by, have a delicious feed and talk with me!


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One thought on “I’m Going!

  1. I am so excited for you! And I love you so very much!

    Can’t wait for the next update :)

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