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And the miracle of today

Loss of a friend in Burundi

Just received this from Kelly:


I am sorry to share some tragic news with you. I had conversation with Florentin in Burundi this afternoon.

Today Pastor Georges, husband of Necelatte, of the Women Rise Up Cooperative, was struck by a car while he was a passenger on a motorbike and was immediately killed.
His family, friends, the slum residents he served faithfully and the Women Rise Up Cooperative are all shaken.
African Road is taking a collection to help cover the funeral expenses and some bridge funding to help the family as they grieve and transition. And we are praying.
Lori and I will see Necelatte in Bujumbura in the next week and take the funds with us- and with the help of Flo, see that they are used in a way that helps the family stabilize as best as is possible. 
Their family was blessed once before and I shared the story here and they were tragically hit once earlier this year with flooding.  Their children are blessed to still have a mother who cares so much for them.  I hope and pray she will be able to manage her illness, family and the business in the days to come. I am thankful to have met Georges and for all the inspirational work he has done in Burundi.
Today is a day to be especially grateful. I love you (whichever you is reading this) more than I tell you, surely. Thank you for everything!

309 Citizens!

That’s right! You did it! Mission accomplished! We raised $3,094!! Eeeeeeee! Get up and do a happy dance! Fist pump, throw your hands up, Numa Numa, and then do the Spongebob Dance! And then squeal out loud! Here’s a note from African Road’s co-founder, Kelly:

Lori and I will both be in Burundi and meeting with Flo and Evariste next month. 
We’d like to wait to inform them of the goal completed until we are with them and then all together work on a plan for implementation that makes each participant’s role clear and sets time frames.
Since this is a pilot project it’ll be really interesting to evaluate each step of implementation and then consider the prospect of other villages with those things in mind. 
We’ll hold off on fund raising for the next community till we know how close to target we are with this fund raising goal
Sarah– you have both accomplished and started something really remarkable. And a lot of lives in Butterere will have a huge road block removed because of your determination. And your awesome friends and family.

Can you picture my face? With a big goofy grin splashed across it? Can you picture all those people in Butterere at the ceremony? Can you imagine what kids of doors will open for these 309 Batwa Burundians?! Eeee! We did it!!! Thank you to each one of you who helped make this possible. As Kelly said, it is because of you, awesome friends and family, coming together that this is going to happen.
What next? The summer has only just begun and this fundraising thing has just gotten up and rolling. If you need eggs, sheep products, or a look at this stupid grin please come by the farm! The money raised for the rest of my summer will be set aside until we see how this first round of citizen-izing goes. Eeee! I just got really excited again!
If you want to see the happy squealing, you have to come by.  And please buy some eggs!

If you want to see the happy squealing, you have to come by.
And please buy some eggs!

I love you all! 

World Cup starts next week!

As if I needed to remind any of you. The first game is the 12th of June and most the world is super excited! I know kids in Rwanda are excited! Especially Togetherness Cooperative’s soccer teams.

This article just came out: A Perfect Pitch

"It makes me healthy. I feel healthy. And then the camaraderie with the others, with the team. The discipline, getting together to do soccer. Then I feel very happy, and then I feel that I'm…" Turikunkiko tries to think of the best English word for her meaning, settling on a simple one: "…free."

In the article, Coach says: “The meaning of football is that, because of these youth having lost their families, their relatives, football helps them, helps to entertain them, helps to make them feel” — Turikunkiko pauses here — “at home.”

It’s an interesting perspective with several of our friends in Rwanda spotlighted in the story. And look at those adorable kids :)!

Hope everyone is excited that the first day of summer is also coming up. 21st of June!

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