Eulogy Postponed

And the miracle of today

Let there be life!

Yes, Spring is here! Yes, it’s the feast of the Resurrection! YES, we feasted!

I was blessed to spend the entire day celebrating with family. There was food to feed a hundred (but only thirty or forty of my hungry relatives and I there to scarf)! We feasted! We walked in the garden which is awakening. We played in the hay barn. We played games!! We talked and laughed and played some more. Amazingly, there was a second feasting on dessert, but knowing what was for dessert back home, I did not gormandize. Then everyone left as full as could be- hearts, minds and most especially bellies!

I love Easter! Such a beautiful day, full of so much life!

Coming home makes me realize how full my life is these days. Mostly full of chores- put the sheep to bed as soon as I got here, then helped with feeding the baby chicks, cleaning up from the dinner party and getting organized for a few days solo on the farm. But this week is also the week of African Road’s banquet┬áso I will be going to Portland twice in a week that’s already jam packed. Woe is me and I have so much to do. I know you guys must really miss reading this…. My life is also full of awesome! I am in a good place. Physically the farm teaches me something every day, but I am probably pushing the limits of what I can do (burning the candle at both ends, they call it). I am probably healthier than ever considering I’m living with the guru of traditional nutritional well-being. Spiritually I am invigorated and excited to have found a stimulating community. Mentally, I miss having an iPod for all the podcasts I used to listen to as I worked, but I have been making time for books. Which makes me very happy, even if it’s only ten minutes a day! Family-ily things are good and things are growing. Literally and figuratively! What more could a girl ask for? Well, other than a mister tall-dark-handsome rich philanthropist boyfriend.

Anywho, this was intended to inform people in Portland to come check out the banquet. But in looking, I see the RSVP date is past, so instead I’m whining and bragging and hoping everyone is full this Easter.

Leaving things behind

This blog is soon to be left behind. I must be beating a dead horse by this point. Those of you reading know what’s in my heart- helping our friends in Central East Africa whose lives have no way of changing or being improved upon without outside assistance and pushing people to realize they CAN make a difference. And a huge difference for only ten bucks which is so minimal it will not impact the rest of their day and probably be forgotten before the second cup of coffee. So I would like to share their story with more people. The school cancelled the penny drive for Batwa (they’ve already done one fundraiser this year AND a shoe drive for Togetherness- thank you to those kids who have such huge hearts!), the local library said I could do a photo event, but it could not be public, the newspaper was willing to do a story and said she’d get back to me, the local Rotary chapter has never gotten back to me and I’ve left messages asking for help starting this thing up which are never returned. I must be doing something wrong. I must need to go get in people’s faces, eh?

My summer change of plans means I will be working all summer on a farm near Salem. The owners are some of the most amazing people I know! It feels like I have learned more in the past two months here than I did in a lifetime from working for my dad! This farm is nearly self sustaining, providing nearly everything their families need as far as produce is concerned as well as the best bread you’ve ever tasted! They have offered to let me stay here in exchange for work and even offered to let me take over the basil selling business (Basil for Batwa has a nice ring to it, eh?). We are also hoping to invest in some dairy sheep to sell the milk since my Ivy cow was not bred. If you know of anyone with dairy animals they’d like to get rid of, let me know!

Anyways, the farm is amazing, but tons of work. I don’t have any impressive photos to share and would rather my hands were in the dirt than on the keyboard. From the day the hike starts [for those still going], April 7, until it’s completion at the end of the summer, I am dedicating everything I earn to the Batwa fund and paying for education for Patrick of Patrick’s kids. Every penny for my friends in East Africa. There is room to grow extra veggies to sell, but the thought of a CSA intimidates me.

Foot rot, 5am wake up calls and raw milk, however, excite me :-D!

Not this year

Lots of things change in two weeks!

Long story short, hiking from border to border will be amazing! But I will not be one of the people completing it this summer. One summer’s worth or work will raise much more than putting my hand out and I will know I did what I could to help their community out.

I am extremely grateful to my community of family and friends who have been so very generous. The gear started rolling in just before this trip was cancelled. For those of you who were so willing to share, your gear will be back to you before too long. And with as much good karma as I can possibly send with it!

The next two weeks I will be helping one of the most impressive people I know with his preparations to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. His gear preparations are much further advanced than mine ever were… Now we just have to organize his food resupply boxes!! For those of you who were planning to send encouragement to me on the trail, just pretend like I’m still out there and send it anyways! Especially those of you who were going to send me chocolate :-D!

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